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Life is too short to be ordinary...be Ambitious.  Ambitious Girls is a collaborative project with the Govans Branch of Enoch Pratt Library in which middle school age girls (10-13) are empowered to be ambitious!

Ambitious Girls

“i am beautiful!”

It is critical that children at the formative juncture between childhood and the teen years receive consistent mentorship, support and guidance. No matter what transitional stage a young girl is in her life they all need to feel confident.  The "I Am Beautiful" Campaign helps girls form their own sense of self and their own opinions.

After completing 12 workshops Beautiful Butterflies participants are reintroduced to society through a Rites of Passage ceremony.

A program under the Beautiful Butterflies Inc., umbrella, Poised Princess is a program designed for young Christian girls aspiring to be the Princess they were created to be.

Our Campaigns were created to empower girls.  It's our mission to inspire...empower...transform

The maturation of a young girl is like the evolution of a butterfly

rites of passage

poised princess

For Girls ages 8-16

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